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The Most Effective Way to Get Rid Of Mice

Many people ask how and why mice are most prevalent in apartment complexes. There are various reasons that can contribute to heavy mice populations in an apartment such as large garbage container exposure situated next to the complex, the apartment is situated between suburb and rural areas that are located next to fields or empty lots which typically are great breading and over populating nesting grounds.

Unlike rats, mouse nests can be located within 20 feet vs. 100 feet for rats, which make it easier to establish their residency within apartment units when the adequate access is available to them. These accessible areas would be entry points on the structures such as cracks or voids on stucco walls that lead directly into the unit. No matter how new or old the apartment building is, if there are gaps, wall voids, missing weather stripping on the unit’s doors, pipes of any sort that can lead into a unit, the possibly of having mice inside can be endless.

The best solution for long term prevention from having mice in an apartment, business or home is to make sure that all the mentioned areas are addressed by hiring a professional contractor, such as an exterminator that can seal all their points of entry and that can implement the proper strategy for elimination of them indoors and exterior maintenance to reduce and control them outside of the complex.

If you are facing mice activity or an infestation in your apartment, home or businesses; don’t hesitate to call our office at 877-951-7378. One of our representatives can assist you in scheduling a free home inspection for your mouse problem.

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